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Lomography Smartphone Scanner

•Instant Scanning, Instant Sharing: A simple way to scan and share your negatives via social media and email

•Revive Analogue Memories: The perfect tool for bringing back unforgettable moments

•Complete Convenience: Easy scanning system that is compatible with most smartphones.


Lomography Konstruktor Do-it-yourself DIY SLR Camera Kit Build 3.5mm Film

•SLR camera in DIY kit

•Assembles in 2 hours

•Takes 35mm film

•With viewer for greater accuracy

•Takes snaps like any old SLR camera



With a metallic paint finish and a cork suit adding to its classic appeal, the La Sardina & Flash Grand Cru is ready to take the center stage. Simply load it with your favorite film and this wide-angle favorite will make ordinary party shots into truly glamorous snaps.

Capture wide angle shots and make wild multiple exposures with this special edition 35mm La Sardina.


Lomographic Fisheye Number 2 Camera

•It has 180-degree wide-angle view and stunning fisheye barrel distortion

•The Fisheye No. 2 adds a bulb setting for long exposures and a switch for multiple exposures on the same frame

•The ability to fire both a hotshoe flash and the built-in flash

•A true fisheye viewfinder and a "full metal jacket" body treatment

•uses standard 35 mm film